4.0-596 8 years ago D3D: Verbosify an error message.
4.0-595 8 years ago OpenGL: fix scaled efb2ram copys
4.0-594 8 years ago Gameini database update. Update for WarioWare, Inc. Mega Party Games (gc) and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (wii). Also remove the emulation notes regarding games using EA VP6 playback library.
4.0-593 8 years ago Fix the Zelda: The Wind Waker heat effect glitch.
4.0-592 8 years ago OpenGL: use shader 420pack if available to staticly bind ubo location
4.0-591 8 years ago OpenGL: drop UBO-workaround usage for efb2ram shaders
4.0-590 8 years ago TextureCache: Warn for invalid custom textures
4.0-589 8 years ago ogl: clamp to edge for out of bound efb access
4.0-588 8 years ago Bootmanager.cpp fixes and clean up.
4.0-587 8 years ago Allow pad settings to be set via game ini.
4.0-586 8 years ago [Android] Simplify instantiations of OverlayConfigButton.java. Also simplified resizeDrawable even more. We just acquire the resource instance and then get the display metrics directly.
4.0-585 8 years ago [Android] Simplify resizeDrawable in OverlayConfigButton.java.
4.0-584 8 years ago Merge Fail. We don't disable BaseVertex on broken pinned memory.
4.0-583 8 years ago Merge branch 'buffer_storage'
4.0-575 8 years ago I've never claimed to be a good coder.
4.0-574 8 years ago Really fix android build.
4.0-573 8 years ago Fix android build.
4.0-572 8 years ago Allow wiimote source to be set via game ini.
4.0-571 8 years ago Merge branch 'fuck-you-src-i-hate-you'
4.0-569 8 years ago Convert all vcxproj files to UNIX line endings