11 years, 6 months ago
Windows x64 Windows x86 Mac OS X
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Merge branch 'ES_LAUNCH'

Games that are now playable:

Back to the Future: The Game
CSI - Hard Evidence
CSI - Deadly Intent
CSI - Fatal Conspiracy
Red Steel
Metroid Prime: Trilogy
Wii Sports + Wii Sports Resort pack
Sam & Max: Season One
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space
Kirby's Dream Collection: Classic Collection
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings: Fate of Atlantis

  Fixed SSBB from starting at the mini-games screen.
  Build fix
  Corrected a state bug where newly loaded dols did not have their patches applied.
  Changed the HLE system to allow it to hook the beginning, the end or replace the entire function without changing the GC memory.  Fixes Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Added a way to categorise the type of HLE function.  Currently, there are debug, floating point, memory and generic functions. Added a HLE function for OSGetResetCode (Warm reset).  Fixes the CSI games. Added a switch to disable all of the HLE functions if the idle skipping option is disabled.
  Added some IOS version checks and code to clear memory before loading the dol.
  Added support for Reset (from menu).  Fixes Sam & Max.
  Added an IOS check as games which use IOS older than IOS30 do not need to be HLE'd.  Added some stubs for Reset to Menu and SSBB's load from disc partition.  Fixed loading Fate of Atlantis from the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings game.
  Added argument detection and passing to the loaded dol.  This fixes the Wii Sports+Wii Sports Resort bundle pack.
  Added preliminary support for ES_LAUNCH (Wii Multi-boot games) by using HLE to hijack the OSBootDol function.